West Parkade Parking Garage

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Project: West Parkade Structural Repairs
Address: 71-129 Macdonell St, Guelph, ON N1H 2Z6
Client: City of Guelph
Consultant: Brown and Beattie

Project Description:

Parking Garage Structural Rehabilitation and Waterproofing Replacement

This project entailed various concrete repair work including but not limited to:

  • Complete Scope Concrete Repairs
  • Corbell Replacements Including Full Structure Shoring Design
  • T-Stem Beam Repairs
  • Complete Replacement of Waterproofing to all Stairwells in Garage
  • Epoxy Overlay System Repairs to Top Parking Deck

This project also included the replacement of the expansion joint on the upper-level deck. B.E. Construction used Erie Metal Specialties as one of the approved vendors to install Erie products.


This project involved significant coordination and communication between parties. The traffic control plan was drafted and approved prior to construction as much of the work was situated around the ramps. Traffic was maintained in a smooth and effective plan. Shoring designs stamped by an engineer were required to run the entire height of the 5-floor parking garage. Multiple steel pans were deteriorated in the stairwells and needed to be replaced prior to waterproofing. This work was expedited by B.E. Construction to minimize impact on schedule. All work was to be completed by October before the OHL season ramped up due to parking constraints and despite challenges, our crews were able to work extended hours and complete the project on schedule.

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